Let Our Knowledge Be your success

Ever since the beginning our strength has been the ability to seek out hard to find steel materials and technical products. In addition to this, we have always provided top grade consultation for customers as well as aid in planning activities.

What we do, we do best

Along the years, the field of trade has changed and so have we. Today our activities encompasses not only agency and trading but an increasing amount of consultation on varying levels. As such, we provide our customer with sales agency, material trade, material sourcing assistance, material consultation as well as planning services.

Our Story

The history of XSteel starts in 1989, in Finland, under the name of Nordic Trade Development Oy (Skandinavian Yhtyneet Metallintuojat). Our humble beginnings always had global trade at heart as it all began with the import of automated water taps from Australia, which then went on to expand into the field of insulation materials imported from Italy and eventually into the trade of steel tubes from Germany.


One of the greatest growing fields today is direct raw material trade. For our customers we aim to bring the most direct connection from producer to end user in order to give them an edge on the international market.

We invite you to join us in partnership to ride the peak of the wave in this ever-changing industry. Never hesitate to contact us, no matter the question at hand. We look forward to hearing from you.

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success

Way to go

During the years, we have participated in many interesting projects including the work on train boarding units for Turku harbor and a crazy venture that saw us seek out used airplane tires that ended up as marine fenders for. This is a testimony to the fact that where others see something difficult, we see a challenge. Many times we have ended up redesigning half fabrications together with our customers and suppliers and have as such ended up improving the end product. Who knows, perhaps our cooperation will be the beginning for a great story too.

Lately, in order to be as close as possible to our customers, we have expanded our function in Sweden in order to be as close as possible to all our customers in the Nordic countries, we are also active in the Baltic States.