Our story

Our story dates back to 1989, when we started distributing steel pipes, which has continued to this day and will go on, as both we and our suppliers value long-term business relationships.

Over the years, we have participated in many projects. To name a few special ones, we were involved in the implementation of the train ferry ramp at the Pansio Harbour, which allows for direct transfer of rail cars on board the ferry after bogie exchange.

Our most unusual job must have been the delivery of worn aircraft tires for use as spacecraft launch pad fenders in Russia; the launch pad assembled there was eventually transported to the Gulf of Mexico and is being used for launching rockets.

We have often taken part in product improvement projects and further development of innovative products. Who knows – perhaps our co-operation will result in something really exciting. Trust can be built only by keeping promises also when the going gets tough.

The world is undergoing constant change and we are learning something new every day – above all, we yearn to learn new things as this allows for achievement of our common objectives.